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Frequently Asked Questions About Bagasse Products
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May 23, 2022
2:34 AM
What's faster than bamboo? More durable than paper? And more sustainable than any other paper alternative on the market? pizza packaging box wholesale Hyde's plates and bowls are made from a plant fiber called bagasse.custom pizza boxes At first glance, bagasse looks nothing more than an ordinary paper plate, except that it is thicker and stronger, but the connotation of bagasse is much more than what the naked eye sees. In this article, we'll answer all your bagasse-related questions, from where it comes from to what makes it one of the most sustainable products of its kind!

What is bagasse

Bagasse is the fiber of the sugar cane plant. It is a natural waste from the sugar production process.disposable hot coffee cups Sugarcane cultivation produces about 79% of the world's sugar. As you can imagine, this means a lot of bagasse - about 3 tons of bagasse for every 10 tons of cane processed. 
What is bagasse used for
Since bagasse is just a by-product of sugar making, it doesn't have many uses. The most common use of bagasse is to burn it as a fuel source. Unfortunately, burning bagasse releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, back into the atmosphere. Bagasse also has limited use as animal feed. Of course, the fibers of bagasse can also be used to make pulp and paper products. Another benefit of making disposable products from bagasse is that it means less burning and less greenhouse gas emissions! 
Is sugar cane a renewable resource
biodegradable disposable bowl

Yes! In fact, sugarcane is considered a rapidly renewable resource, in the same classification as bamboo and cork.black pizza box Fast renewable resources can be regenerated within 10 years. In fact, sugar cane can be fully regenerated in 10 to 18 months, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to paper and wood. 
Will using bagasse products reduce my carbon footprint?
It's almost certain! Sugarcane is one of the best plants for reducing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. wholesale coffee cups This is because of something called carbon sequestration. This means that as sugar cane grows, it takes carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into biomass. Sugarcane absorbs more carbon dioxide per hectare than almost any other plant as it grows. The researchers even suggested that expanding sugarcane production could reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 5.2 percent. 
What makes bagasse paper more environmentally friendly than regular paper?
good question! First, regular paper is made from trees and takes at least 20 years to grow back, while sugar cane can be renewed in 10 to 18 months.paper cups for ice cream Paper products are also responsible for 10% of global deforestation, which has a huge negative impact on biodiversity, ecosystems and the environment. 
In addition, bagasse paper products are more efficient to produce, only 1.5 tons of sugarcane pulp is needed to produce 1 ton of bagasse paper, while 5 tons of wood are required to produce 1 ton of plain paper. 
Can bagasse be composted
yes! One of the main advantages of bagasse fibers compared to other disposable products is that they do not pollute the environment for decades or even centuries to come.brown paper bags wholesale
In contrast, bagasse products biodegrade rapidly and do not release harmful chemicals.
May 31, 2022
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