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Jun 03, 2021
4:29 AM

HP has been renowned throughout the world for adding new features to its products and enhancing the user experience now and then. Their printers, however, are the most appreciated by people across the globe for being the most technically advanced ones, in the market. They come in both wired and wireless models and have been providing the best print results ever experienced. This read is focused on helping you with your HP wireless printer setup with a detailed step-by-step guide. So, let’s set you up for the most advanced printing experience of your life.

Installation of an App

The world has been engaging in application software for a long time now. There are apps for almost everything that we want, need, or may desire. So, HP, to help their users with the HP wireless printer setup, launched an app- HP Smart App. The steps to follow are:

·Install the app from your app store.

·Settle your wireless printer near the Wi-Fi router.

·Ensure that the main tray has papers to print on.

·Then, turn your wireless printers on.

·Launch the installed application software.

·Follow the instructions carefully to set it up.


Ø  It might take a little time for you to set up your wireless printers but once it is done, it is an enhanced experience.

Ø  You can also download the application with the help of the HP assistant.

Ø  Once, your printer is set up, you can use the printer management software- HP Printer Assistant to operate your printers for scanning documents and pictures, check the ink levels in the printers, order required supplies, and so much more.


HP is a brand that offers the most hi-tech and advanced products that exist in the world. They constantly keep upgrading their products according to the likes of the consumers mixed with the most premium technology that trends and exists. This read is focused on delivering the easy procedure to help you with HP wireless printer setup. Mentioned above are the steps you can undergo to do just that and have an advanced and enhanced printing experience.

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