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Ella Williams
Mar 31, 2021
10:05 PM

This year bought a drastic shift in the economy due to the covid-19 pandemic, and as a result, everybody is looking for good opportunities to invest so that they get good ROI apart from the business they already own. However, in the wish to invest they accidentally become a victim of cyber threats which are present with an aim to lure the investors and breach their data for misusing it. These cybercrimes are done to infect a user system and collect the payments. On the contrary, the concept of crypto mining is not the only one you need to get secured from but also from the 5 major threats. It is recommended to block such cyber threats by downloading McAfee via

List of 5 major cyber threats that you need to be aware of!

• Bitcoin-stealing campaigns
• Grandcrab ransomware
• GhostSecret and Bankshot attacks
• Gold dragon attacks
• LNK exploits

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